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We want you to have an Epic Retirement so we’ve created a selection of important tools, templates and eguides that can help you navigate your journey. On the page below, you’ll find the following items> 

Lifespan Calculator

Epic Retirement Budgeting Template

The Ultimate Concessions eGuide

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Lifespan calculator: Calculate your potential lifespan here

Use the lifespan calculator below to explore your life expectancy. Answer the brief survey to get a personalised estimate that you can choose to use when doing your retirement planning.

The Epic Retirement Budgeting Template

Our Epic Retirement Budgeting template is built in Excel and designed to help you create both your pre-retirement and retirement budgets.  The template is easy-to-use and leverages the same budgeting line items as those provided in the ASFA Retirement Standard.

Download the template here, free. 

The Ultimate Guide to Concessions for Older Australians

The Epic Retirement team has put together an ultimate guide to the concessions offered in every state of Australia. This 40 page guide will help you navigate the complex and valuable concessions that can really make a dent in your hip pocket in these challenging economic times. The eguide is easy to download. Simply click the button and we’ll send it directly to your inbox. 

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We’re preparing to launch an occasional travel deals newsletter, bringing you only the hottest deals from travel operators and travel retail partners  – nothing boring here, sorry. Sign up for our Epic Retirement Newsletter here, and be included in our travel deals newsletter when it hits the road. 

How to have an Epic Retirement: The Book

The book, How to have an Epic Retirement will be released in stores on 26th July 2023.

More than 500,000 Australians plan to retire in the next five years, preparing for the massive life change that signals their move from working every day to living as they choose. In the years before they retire, and the early years of retirement, people want to prepare well and set themselves up for the exciting journey ahead of them.

How to Have an Epic Retirement is filled with practical information, examples and questions covering the six key pillars of great modern retirement:

  • Time
  • Financial Confidence
  • Health
  • Happiness & fulfilment
  • Travel
  • Your home as you age

Preorder your copy now.


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Our Facebook Group has more than 12,000 members and is growing quickly with daily conversations about how to navigate and truly enjoy an Epic Retirement. The community is a great place to get ideas and be inspired. 

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As the country’s leading expert on how to have a fantastic retirement, I’m preparing a weekly newsletter and podcast called Epic Retirement. This resource is designed for people who are thinking about and approaching retirement and seeking to plan and live their best years ahead with vitality and enthusiasm.

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