"Retirement is all about time. I’m not lying. It might look like it is about money – but that’s just the enabler."

Bec Wilson is the author of How to Have an Epic Retirement. She was the founder and CEO of Starts at 60 for 10 years, and runs a flagship course on pre- and post retirement. She's a columnist, expert content creator, podcaster, professional speaker, community builder and company director.
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How to have an Epic Retirement: The Book

The book, How to have an Epic Retirement will be released in stores on 26th July 2023.

More than 500,000 Australians plan to retire in the next five years, preparing for the massive life change that signals their move from working every day to living as they choose. In the years before they retire, and the early years of retirement, people want to prepare well and set themselves up for the exciting journey ahead of them.

How to Have an Epic Retirement is filled with practical information, examples and questions covering the six key pillars of great modern retirement:

  • Time
  • Financial Confidence
  • Health
  • Happiness & fulfilment
  • Travel
  • Your home as you age

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The Prime Time Podcast

Prime Time with Bec Wilson is a new and engaging podcast produced with 9Podcasts, and designed for people in that interesting period somewhere from around 47 to 75. 

This is the prime time of your life.  If only you knew how to make the most of it. If only you could learn from those who’ve learnt the hard way, and read about the science before you hit smack bang into it. 

Why? It’s a huge stage of change, adaptation and preparation, and there’s no rules except, get to know yourself again, enjoy your life, look after your health and really understand your money!  

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Meet Bec Wilson

Bec Wilson is one of Australia’s authorities on modern retirement. She is the author of the book, How to have an Epic Retirement, and the creator of the pre- and post retirement education business Epic Retirement. And, she’s building an engaging online community to help people navigate the journey into retirement together.

Rebecca was founder and CEO of Starts at 60, the award-winning, number one digital media brand for older Aussies, and Travel at 60, an online/offline travel company that is dedicated to over-60s.

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The Epic Retirement weekly newsletter is written by Bec Wilson personally to help you navigate your journey through pre-retirement and into your own epic retirement.


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Take the ‘How to have an Epic Retirement’ Seven Day Challenge

The Epic Retirement Seven Day Challenge allows you to feel supported as you put your learnings from the book into action. Sign up for the challenge and Bec will take you through the steps. It launches with the book.


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All the tools that support the book

Throughout the book, How to have an Epic Retirement, Bec refers to a range of tools and resources that will help you plan for your epic retirement. Resources include our budget template, longevity calculator and various other downloadables. You can find them all here when the book launches.


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Professional speaking and course delivery

Bec Wilson is a highly sought after keynote speaker and retirement educator who has spoken at dozens of events  throughout Australia, large and small and hosted many workshops.



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What is an Epic Retirement?

An “epic retirement” is a term that can be used to describe a retirement that is particularly memorable, fulfilling, or exciting. It could involve traveling the world, pursuing new hobbies or passions, or simply enjoying a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle. It can be different for everyone. That gives us plenty to talk about in our newsletter and on the podcast.  Join us. Sign up for our free newsletter today. 

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As the country’s leading expert on how to have a fantastic retirement, I’m excited to announce the launch of my weekly newsletter and podcast, Epic Retirement. This resource is designed for individuals thinking about and approaching retirement and seeking to plan and live their best years ahead with vitality and enthusiasm.

From Bec’s desk

There’s lots going on in the Epic Retirement office. Our Principal, Bec Wilson writes a regular column for a number of national publications, guest speaks at industry events and appears on radio shows and podcasts.  Here’s a few links to some of our latest features.

“”A happy story. I have a colleague just three months younger than me who has been avoiding the r word for the six years I have known him. He has a large family with grandkids etc. He has been working at the college for 20+ years – is an institution in the place -so all in all it will be an enormous decision.

I gave him a copy of your book in front the half dozen of us who meet for coffee before school and there was much laughter!

On Monday he came into work with a huge grin on his face – the book had started the family conversation. He is now talking about going part time -something we all thought impossible even three months ago

The power of epic! Thank you

John, Gladstone

“When I read your book I pestered my husband to read it so we could discuss it together. Not usually a man easily swayed in his life choices, he has also found your advice and style accessible and important. I have recommended your book in an evangelistic style that is quite unlike me and I know at least two people have bought it since.  I told a friend yesterday that I haven’t been this excited about my life opportunities since I finished year 12- in fact I am calling this my ‘gap year’ – and it is thanks in a large part to you. I am so grateful that you are sharing your wisdom.”

Liz, Albury

Lifespan calculator: Calculate your potential lifespan here

Use the lifespan calculator below to explore your life expectancy. Answer the brief survey to get a personalised estimate that you can choose to use when doing your retirement planning. 

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